Professional Qualifications:

  • Certified Trainer (CERT 3 & 4)
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Running Coach
  • Nutritionist


Coach Tom Baulch is a professional athlete trainer, specialising in sport-specific training involving exercises transferable to game-day context, and separating bodybuilding from athlete training.


Some of Coach Tom’s professional clients include:

  • Tom Mitchell
  • Mitch Georgiades
  • Brandon Starcevich
  • Taylah Robertson
  • Bobby Hill
  • Wil Powell
  • Carlo Tizzano
  • Samson Ryan
  • Ellen Gett


Coach Tom also competes at a semi-professional level in AFL, and previously football also. He is familiar with the training and commitment required to reach a high level in sport and fitness, and has a strong focus on mobility and injury prevention.

Coach Tom has produced a series of sport-specific training programs for each major code, including a demonstration video for each exercise. These programs will be available on the Musashi Performance Lab page, coming soon.