What are your career goals/what are you hoping to achieve?

My career goals are to step into the cage and win MMA fights. I want to become a Professional Female MMA Athlete and represent Australia on a high level platform. I will be competing in all disciplines of Mixed Martial Arts in 2019, I would like to take on every fight that comes my way. Another goal of mine is to continue being a part of Women’s Self Defence programs at my gym; Training Grounds in Crows Nest with my MMA Coach – Scott Ireland. Women and Children’s self Defence is something really close to my heart and I believe everyone deserves the knowledge to know how to defend themselves.

Biggest influence on your career or your team vision?

The biggest Influence on my career so far is my MMA Coach Scott Ireland. He has a wealth of knowledge in MMA, as he was a fighter, in fact, he started fighting MMA in England at only 16yrs old. I spend more than two hours a day everyday learning each discipline from him. He has guided my journey from the start, coached me at every Jiu Jitsu competition and has been significant to my growth and success so far. One of my last comps he coached my through a 40 minute long Jiu Jitsu match and I wouldn’t have been able to finish without him telling me what I needed to do. It’s really special having such a bond with your coach because to me he is the ultimate person I look up to. Every morning listening to his opinions about fighters, training and even diet, I feel really lucky to have a mentor/coach I can look up to and want to represent in the sport we both share passion for.

Training Tips;

  1. Find something you love doing so you’ll always have the energy to do it
  2. I like to push myself when it gets really tough in a session by saying “this is only one hour of my day and I will be better for this”

Tell us something we don’t know about you?

I have a full time job as a National Accounts Executive for a global company. I am just as driven in my office career as my sporting career. The thing I like most is that I spend morning and night in contact sports but my office job I get to rest my body at my desk and make my protein smoothies 🙂