Musashi MMA Ambassador

Born: 1989

Sport: MMA

Current Club: Carioti MMA


I train Mixed Martial Arts and currently hold the title x2 Novice State Champion Boxer for NSW as well as the 2020 International IMMAF Bantamweight Champion. I am an ex-gymnast winning State and National comps. This has been my base for all sports, I retained strength and flexibility and use it to be successful in MMA. I train twice a day minimum across all disciplines and in the last year found a new love with wrestling (a key foundation for MMA). I am working closely with ex Commonwealth Games female Wrestler and upping my game weekly.

I love to compete and push myself mentally and physically, my true passion is coaching women’s and children’s programs on weekends. I use my athlete sponsorship with Musashi to promote health and safety in our community, once a month raising money for charity to prevent violence against women in Australia.

After training all disciplines in Mixed Martial Arts and currently competing at high levels, I am putting myself in high-pressure situations and I am taking that learning to create: BOOM BLOCK BREAK POP Self Defence but not as you remember it! I will continue to fight at high levels and continue to share my knowledge and learnings with our community to bring confidence and strength to women at all ages!



  • Gold Medal IMMAF Oceania – Bantamweight
  • X2 Novice State Boxing Title – 63kg
  • Mod Thai State Champion – 63kg
  • Blue Belt Jiu Jitsu