Musashi Ambassador

What are your career goals/what are you hoping to achieve?

My goals are to win a World Title at black belt and to qualify for ADCC World Championship. I want to continue to coach and grow my team at Absolute MMA, especially the female team who continues to win medals at the Word Titles at every belt level. I want to pave the path for more women to compete, and to have equal opportunities to men at competitions, exposure, leadership, pay, sponsorship and prize money in the sport.

I’m also loving coaching the kid’s program and seeing the little ones progress, gain confidence and develop life skills.

Biggest influence on your career or your team vision?

That would have to be my coach/fiancé/business partner Lachlan Giles. He is logical, kind, intelligent and supportive. He has shaped me into the fighter I am and always encourages me to trust myself and my skill.

Training Tips:

  1. Stick to the plan (planning is key)
  2. Go hard, but listen to your body

Something we don’t know about you?

  • I was a rhythmic gymnast for 12 years and represented Poland and Australia.
  • At 19, I retired and started sprint cycling, where I won The Austral Wheel race and the Australian Sprint Series.
  • I’m a physiotherapist and treat out of my own clinic Physio Lab Melbourne.
  • I’m a part owner of my gym Absolute MMA, where I’m also a coach to the main BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) program as well as the women’s and kid’s programs.
  • I have taught BJJ seminars all over the world.
  • I sit on the Board for Professional Boxing and Combat Sports Board, Victoria.
  • I work part-time in close personal protection and teach paramedics/pilots/doctors/security staff etc. occupational violence prevention and self defence.
  • I started BJJ at 25, which is late in comparison to my competitors. I still manage to work full-time and train 4 hours a day and compete as often as my body and finances allow me to.