Robert Whittaker created history as Australia and New Zealand’s first to claim a UFC Championship Belt in 2017 and cemented himself as the undisputed champion of the UFC middleweight division. Robert utilises Musashi to fuel his performance and recover from intense training sessions whilst having peace of mind that Musashi products are banned substance tested. Inside a UFC training camp Rob Whittaker follows a seven day training program with 22 sessions a week. There are no days off. His training is complimented with a clean diet, proper recovery and rest. Training sessions alternate between fitness, endurance, strategy and technique drills.

“Strength and conditioning is a key component of my training. I work with my coach Justin Lang on this 3 times a week. We focus on enabling me to be strong, conditioned and flexible enough to dominate my opponent in a powerful & fast way. We do a conditioning session at Cronulla sand dunes which tests me physically and mentally. If you are constantly training and pushing your limits, then overall your cardio level will be good.” –Robert Whittaker