What are your career goals/what are you hoping to achieve?

I will be finishing my Yoga Teacher Training course in February in Bali and I am very excited to be incorporating that in to my Gym and online programming. Yoga will be extremely complimentary to the HIIT & Strength programs currently running at VIBE Fitness & Lifestyle. I will also be running sessions through Barrington Coast NSW from April 2019. We also have an exciting project I am working on and I cannot wait to share that with you all early 2019.

Biggest influence on your career or your team vision?

Biggest influence on my team vision and career comes from my clients. It has been incredible seeing the journeys and transformation they have all been on and continue through. In-particular seeing the confidence that comes with having direction to achieve their goals and find a community of welcoming and likeminded people that accept and make them all feel welcome and motivated. I thrive on making people feel comfortable and in control with achieving positive lifestyle changes.

Training Tips;

  1.  Nutrition and fuelling your body the right way for your goals is just as important as your training plan, if not more so. Do not be afraid to eat, especially carbohydrates. Food is fuel, you do not want to work off that hard earned muscle especially if long term weight management and/or lean muscle physique or gains is your goal. Pre, post and intra workout nutrition all plays an important role in your fitness / training goals.
  2.  Set goals and make a plan that is specific to your goals. Not every plan works for everyone, however there are recommended guidelines specific to certain goals for a reason. Seek professional advice if you are not sure how to program your training. Most importantly go into your goals with a positive mindset! Don’t make it a chore, don’t do a program you hate as punishment to lose weight. Having a structured program is most effective, however there is still room for variety to keep you motivated and so you can enjoy it. Mix it up, train with friends, go outdoors, find your thing. After all a healthy lifestyle should be a positive long-term lifestyle change that you enjoy.

Tell us something we don’t know about you?

I have always been someone that is full of self-doubt and lacking confidence. I know this leads to a limited life, so everything I have achieved and do all comes from a place of me growing by facing my fears. I aim to challenge myself as often as possible and push my comfort level so I grow and experience all life has to offer. I actually started competing as a dare, and then fell in love with the challenge, commitment and plan. I am so grateful for that because it has taken me around the world 3 times now and I have met so many inspiring people and experienced so many things I never would have in my comfort zone.