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Do You Need Carbs With Protein Post Workout?
Do You Need Carbs With Protein Post Workout?
Making smart choices about the type, timing and quantity of food you eat can all play a role in achieving your best performance. Eating well is specific to you and your individual nutritional needs, as well as your training and competition schedule. A good base diet will provide adequate nutrients and energy to enhance training adaptations, support muscle growth and ensure optimal recovery.

Why are carbohydrates important for athletes?

Carbohydrate remains a key nutrient for athletes. It provides the major fuel for exercise, especially during prolonged continuous exercises or high-volumes of strength work. Low body stores of carbohydrates can result in fatigue, impairment of performance in training or during competition, and can have a negative impact on your immune system. Research supports the combination of carbohydrates and protein post-training.

What is the carbs to protein ratio?

The common recommendation is to use 3:1 ratio of carbs to protein (3-parts carbohydrate and 1-part protein). A 70kg person will therefore require 70g of carbohydrate. On a ratio of 3:1 this means that this person requires 1/3 of this amount of protein. The persons requirement will therefore be 70g carbohydrate and 23g protein. Musashi Bulk is a high calorie formula for mass gain and maintenance. It contains a blend of WPI & WPC, both quality proteins used to support muscle growth and repair. Supplying the body with a steady release of energy in preparation for the next training session. Musashi Bulk can be used as a post-workout shake alongside whole foods (e.g. banana = 23g carbs OR 2 slices of bread = 42g carbs) to ensure you reach sufficient amounts to support recovery needs.
The blend of carbohydrates and protein helps to replenish the macronutrients used as energy during exercise. Musashi Bulk helps replace calories, carbohydrates and protein lost through exercise and restocks your body for your next training session. Musashi Bulk also works as a snack between meals helping to reduce the breakdown of protein and curb hunger between main meals. Our high-quality ingredients can be mixed with either water or milk and consumed as a post-training recovery shake. Weight gain athletes use Musashi Bulk to help top up daily energy requirements whereas endurance athletes use Musashi Bulk to replenish lost energy post-training.
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