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Quality pre-workout supplements combine a variety of energy-producing and stamina-building amino acids and other ingredients, with the purpose of fuelling exercise duration and intensity to improve performance. Musashi ranges a series of pre-workout supplements, other than our flagship pre-workout powder, that boost each of the three key energy systems and provide energy for athletic output. Key pre-workout products and ingredients include Creatine, Beta Alanine and Electrolytes.
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Our FAQs have been written by Gwen Gothard, Sport Performance Nutritionist.

What does pre workout do?

Pre-workout supplements are designed to enhance exercise performance. They typically contain ingredients which help increase energy, focus and endurance. They also support blood flow and nutrient delivery to the muscles.

What is pre workout / What is in pre workout?

Pre workout refers to a supplement taken before exercise/ training to boost energy, focus and endurance. It often contains an array of ingredients to boost sports performance.

All brands vary. Musashi Pre Workout contains a blend of ingredients: citrulline, beta alanine, creatine, BCAA’s, tyrosine, arginine, and carnitine. These ingredients have been researched, developed, and trialled by Australia’s top athletes.

Ingredients commonly used in other pre workouts include caffeine, amino acids, beta-alanine, and branched chain amino acids.

How long does pre workout last? / How long does pre workout take to kick in?

Musashi Pre workout takes approximately 20-30minutes to kick in, therefor it is ideal to take on the way to a training session or 20min before you need the boost of energy for performance. It lasts for approximately 2hrs. The speed however of which it kicks in and the duration can largely depend on the individual’s tolerance, metabolism, and digestion.

Is pre workout bad for you / bad for the heart?

Pre-workouts often contain caffeine, and other stimulants. The effect this causes on an individual will depend personal tolerance. Some people might experience increased heart rate, sleep disturbances and jitters. Some brands might also include unsafe ingredients, which would then make them harmful.

Musashi Pre Workout contains only quality ingredients and is registered with informed sport to ensure all ingredients are included at safe and effective levels and are suitable to be used in drug tested sports.

Caffeine is a natural stimulant. It is found in coffee, tea and often added to energy drinks. It enhances alertness, focus and reduces drowsiness temporarily. Caffeine is commonly added to pre workouts to assist with energy and performance. Caffeine can increase the heart rate. It is important to consult a healthcare professional before consuming a caffeinated drink if you have a history of heart problems or are sensitive to stimulants such as caffeine.

When to take pre workout?

The critical timing window for the best results is 20-30min before you need the surge of energy. This could either be 20 minutes prior to the gym or at half-time in a footy game.

Does pre workout work / is pre workout worth it?

Pre workout supplements can enhance exercise performance by providing a boost in energy, focus and endurance. The effectiveness however will vary based on the individual’s tolerance to stimulants, such as caffeine.

When considering whether a pre workout is right for you. You might like to consider various factors, including your individual goal, health status, and sensitivity to the ingredients included.

What is the best pre workout / Is Musashi pre workout good?

Musashi Pre Workout contains a list of credible ingredients backed by scientific studies. The unique formulation that contains a blend of citrulline, beta-alanine, caffeine, creatine, and amino acids. It has been tried and tested by professional athletes across the world in many different sports and has a long-standing reputation on performance and results.

Musashi Pre Workout is also Inform Sport tested, meaning it is certified and safe to use across all drug tested sports.

How much caffeine in pre workout?

Musashi Pre Workout contains 250mg of caffeine in a single serve. This is equivalent to 2.5 cups of coffee.

Why does pre workout make you itchy?

One of the common side effects of beta alanine is tingling (paraesthesia) due to its effects on nerve endings, specifically activating sensory neurons. This sensation is harmless and temporary. Beta alanine is often added to pre workouts and therefore this itchy/ tingly feeling is commonly felt within the first 10-minutes of consuming pre workouts. It then fades after approximately 10-minutes.

Can you mix creatine with pre workout?

Yes, it is common and safe to mix creatine with pre workouts. However, many pre workouts supplements contain creatine, so it is important to check the label and dosage already included, if you are adding creatine to your pre workout.

Does pre workout cause acne?

Pre workout has no direct link to acne. Acne is typically influenced by a combination of factors, including genetics, hormones, diet, hygiene, and skincare routine. However, there are some ingredients commonly found in pre-workouts that could potentially exacerbate acne ins some people. Everyone’s body reacts differently to ingredients. It is important to check the product label for any ingredients you may be sensitive to or have experienced adverse reactions to in the past. Always seek medical advice if you are concerned about side effects.

Is creatine pre workout?

Creatine alone is not considered a pre workout, however it is often consumed prior to a workout and combined with other ingredients as part of a pre workout supplement. Creatine enhances exercise performance, strength and muscle gains.