14 million Australians participate in sport annually; sport is part of our culture, it’s in our DNA. We’re a proud sporting country, we mix it with the best, and our success on the world stage is admired globally.

With the introduction of the Sport 2030 Plan, the Australian Government has a clear and bold vision for sport in Australia — to be the world’s most active, healthy sporting nation, known for our integrity and excellence. Sport and physical activities have the ability to bring people and communities together, they also have the ability to inspire and motivate. In addition to this, there are a myriad of benefits for health and wellbeing that sport supports;

• Stronger bones and muscles
• Healthier heart, lungs and arteries
• Helping maintain a healthy bodyweight
• Improved co-ordination, balance and posture
• Improved quality of sleep
• Greater confidence & self-esteem
• Improved social skills, including cooperation and leadership
• Exposure and awareness of better-quality nutrition

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