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Achieve your bulking goals with a range of products designed to support muscle building, stamina, and energy levels. Shop the Musashi Bulk range to deliver the key nutrients required for optimal body mass and hard muscle gain.
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How do I find out more about a specific Musashi product?

Product info can be found on the product page for every item in the Musashi range. For any further info requests or batch testing certificates, please contact or message us through Facebook/Instagram @MusashiNutrition.

What are the different Musashi sponsorship tiers and how do I apply?

Musashi’s formal sponsorship strategy is limited to top-tier professional athletes. Our current brand ambassadors include Rob Whittaker, Tom Trbojevic and Maty Ryan, three of Australia’s best athletes. However, we do also support lower-level athletes in some circumstances. To apply, please contact and attach your professional sports resume.

Why does Musashi sponsor the above athletes?

Musashi sponsors the best Australian athletes from a range of sports, including Rugby, Soccer, Basketball, AFL, UFC and Cricket. These athletes are at the top of their respective codes, thanks to a combination of dedicated training and an elite nutrition program. Musashi plays a large role in supporting the performance of these athletes, and we sponsor them to demonstrate the significance of proper nutrition to athletes of all sports and levels.

What does Musashi mean?

Miyamoto Musashi was known as the greatest samurai of all time, undefeated in his 61 duels of the 17th century. While Musashi Nutrition is an Australian-New Zealand brand, we carry the name of Miyamoto Musashi and his philosophy THE WAY in our attitude to training, nutrition and performance – there is only one way.

Where do Musashi products come from?

With the exception of a few products that are co-manufactured, all of Musashi’s products are made in Vitaco’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Auckland, New Zealand. This facility is informed-sport tested to ensure that no foreign or illegal substances are present in any Musashi products.

Why test for banned substances?

Testing for banned substances ensures that consuming Musashi products will not result in being disqualified from any event, no matter the level. Several banned substances are frequently found in sports nutrition products, so being Informed Sport Certified provides peace of mind to athletes that may be drug tested for their sport. Check out the full range of Musashi’s Informed Sport Certified products here.