The Way to Recover • 31/12/2022
What age should we start taking supplements?
The nutritional needs of young athletes are individual and will vary throughout their training and development. High levels of participation in sport can create unique nutritional requirements. People who are more active will have different dietary requirements in comparison to those that are less active.

Training goals for young athletes

Many young athletes do not meet their training goals due to problems including inadequate nutritional knowledge, poor or outdated information, busy lifestyles, or they are unable to cook/ prepare meals for themselves.

Protein is not just for bodybuilders

Protein plays an important role in the energy and muscle preservation of a young athlete. In the past protein powders were thought of as bulking agents for bodybuilders. Today, athletes from all walks of life appreciate the importance of supplementation for performance and recovery.

What is supplementation?

The term supplementation covers a comprehensive range of products including, vitamins, minerals, protein powders, energy drinks, weight gainers and fat burners. All supplements have a purpose, and one athlete’s nutritional needs will be different to another. A well-balanced diet offers many benefits to athletes and exercise enthusiasts, irrespective of age, gender, or level of training. Protein is considered by sports professionals throughout the world, as a vital nutrient to develop lean muscle, assist muscle maintenance and enhance recovery.

The best protein supplement for teenagers

The best supplements for teenagers are those which support and complement a healthy balanced diet. Protein powders made from whey protein is a great place to start – Musashi 100% Whey. Adolescents and teenagers can safely start taking Musashi 100% Whey daily, if they have no allergies or intolerances. *If you are taking supplements for the first time, we advise you speak to your health care professional to discuss your nutritional needs and requirements prior to consumption.

Why do people take supplements?

There are many reasons people take supplements, for example:
  • Increased energy expenditure – taking part in multiple sporting activities per week
  • Struggle to put on weight, even with a large calorific intake
  • Wanting to bulk up or gain muscle for competitive sport e.g., pool, track or field.

Quality sport supplements

In the US sports supplements are considered dietary supplements and do not require approval from The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be sold. Companies manufacturing these products are to follow the FDA’s current manufacturing practices to ensure quality and safety. Questions have been raised over the consistency of ingredient information listed on some US products and this can cause hesitancy for people not familiar with supplementation. Here in Australia, we are under very strict guidelines and all supplements sold must be granted approval prior to sale by either the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) or the Therapeutic Good Administration (TGA). Musashi goes the extra mile by registering products and testing every batch manufactured. You can be sure that when purchasing Musashi products you are consuming products that have passed a vigorous and robust quality assurance program. The Informed-Sport program certifies every batch of a supplement product and/ or raw material is tested to ensure each batch and all products sold meet the highest standards. Musashi supplements displaying the Informed-Sport logo on the tub – such as the Musashi 100% Whey protein powder, providing a guarantee that they are free from prohibited ingredients banned in sport by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and are safe for the consumer to use in sport. The Musashi range contains several supplements suitable for young people seriously looking to complement their diet, maintain health and enhance recovery. All athletes using Musashi products can be assured that they are not only taking a high-quality product but also a safe and tested sports supplement. Musashi supplements are not recommended for those under the age of 16, so that would be the age to start taking supplements with exercise.


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