podcasts • 30/09/2020
#16 : AM vs PM Training
On Episode 16 of the Musashi R&D Sessions Podcast, Ross and Dhiren debate their respective perspectives on the training topic – AM vs PM. We also follow up with our new ‘picks’ segment, recapping several wins from the sports world over the last fortnight, and feeding Dhiren a spoonful of protein powder for picking the wrong teams to come out on top. On the topic of AM vs PM Training, R&D discuss the hormonal impact of training in the morning compared to the evening, the importance of muscle fibre recruitment, and at what time your core body temperature is a maximum to optimise your workout. The guys also explain excess post-exercise oxygen consumption and temporal specificity in relation to AM vs PM training. In sports news, we touch on the sudden death of Dean Jones, the scheduled fight between Conor McGregor and Manny Pacquiao, and NSW Police paying $100,000 in costs to Curtis Scott. This episode we finish with a pair of listener questions on how to start training to do pull ups, and whether Lebron would be a success in the UFC. The guys are able to guess the origins of a mystery famous athlete quote with a few hints from Hal the Intern, and Dhiren applies the philosophy of Miyamoto Musashi to the topic using the quote: “The essence of this book is that you must train day and night in order to make quick decisions. In strategy it is necessary to treat training as part of normal life with your spirit unchanging." Remember to comment and leave a review and we’ll get in touch to send you a free Musashi T-shirt!