podcasts • 29/10/2020
#18: Hormones and Doping
On Episode 18 of the Musashi R&D Sessions Podcast, Ross and Dhiren get scientific in this week’s training and sport nutrition topic – Hormones and Doping. The guys cover the purpose and effects of some of the most prominent hormones, including testosterone, cortisol, insulin and glucagon, and outline how you can impact the levels of these hormones through nutrition and exercise. We also talk about the different forms of doping, HGH and diabetes. In sports news, the guys recount several grand final wins and UFC fights from the past weekend, and Lewis Hamilton breaking the record for most wins ion Formula 1. We also recap last week’s sports picks, and predict the winners of several sports matchups over the coming two weeks. Reminder: the loser between Ross and Dhiren has to eat a dry scoop of a random Musashi powder. This episode we finish with a pair of listener questions warming up and stretching, and how long to rest between working muscle groups. The guys are unable to guess the origins of a mystery famous athlete quote pitched by Hal the Intern, and Dhiren applies the philosophy of Miyamoto Musashi to the topic using the quote: “Whenever we have become preoccupied with small details, we must suddenly change into a large spirit, interchanging large with small.” Remember to comment and leave a review and we’ll get in touch to send you a free Musashi T-shirt!