podcasts • 12/05/2020
#6: Maty Ryan - Socceroo Goalie
On Episode 6 of the Musashi R&D Sessions Podcast, Ross and Dhiren are joined by Maty Ryan, current Socceroos goalie and keeper for Brighton-Hove in the English Premier League. Amid the current EPL suspension, the guys discuss how this news broke to players and clubs, the uncertainty of restarting the season, and Maty’s two weeks in isolation in a Sydney hotel room. On the topic of competition, we revisit the origin of Maty’s career, and his time playing for the Mariners and the Socceroos, then teams in Belgium, Valencia, and finally Brighton-Hove. Maty also speaks with Ross and Dhiren about the importance of having a specialised strength and conditioning coach, the significance of quality nutrition, and his preference for plant-based proteins over red meat and dairy. The guys address the level of pressure and the low margin of error accepted as a goalkeeper, and the need to balance strength and conditioning with technical and skills training, as well as the mental element of training for success. We also have a laugh about Maty using oven mittens for gloves as a teenager, getting a red card, and taking penalty shootouts for the Mariners. In sports news, we elaborate on the Premier League EA FIFA tournament, German fans filling stadiums with cut outs, and Brighton’s stadium becoming a coronavirus testing centre. Also in the news is the anticipated release of Lebron’s Space Jam 2, and the acceptance of marijuana in more sporting leagues internationally. The guys also touch on Maty’s bushfire initiatives, and compare cryogenic chambers vs ice baths. To finish the episode, Maty responds to several listener questions about the Crystal Palace rivalry, the most difficult player to defend corners against, and his choice to become a keeper. None of the boys are able to guess the origin of a famous football quote provided by Hal the Intern. As usual, Dhiren applies the philosophy of Miyamoto Musashi to the concept of goalkeeping using the quote: In battle, if you make your opponent flinch, you have already won. Be sure to follow Maty Ryan on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/matyryan/?hl=en Remember to comment and leave a review and we’ll get in touch to send you a free Musashi T-shirt! For any further nutrition, training or product information, visit www.musashi.com


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