The Way to Fuel • 18/11/2019
Banned substance testing
Banned substance testing

Some of our products are Informed-Sports certified. This means every batch of the product is tested for banned substances by LGC's world-class sports anti-doping laboratory. Professional athletes like Rob Whittaker, The Melbourne Storm, The Western Bulldogs and NSWIS all trust Musashi. So how does testing work and what makes our products guaranteed to be clean?  Check out Informed-Sports Official safety guide

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  • Episode #53: Carbohydrates

    Episode #53: Carbohydrates

    On Episode 53 of the Musashi Podcast, the team discuss a key source of fuel for sport and training, one of the three macronutrients – Carbohydrates. The guys speak to the role of carbs in building and maintaining muscle, and how it fits into the three energy systems.

  • Episode #52: Training Hard vs Training Smart

    Episode #52: Training Hard vs Training Smart

    On Episode 52 of the Musashi Podcast, the team debate two philosophies of training for size, strength, and athletic performance – Training Hard vs Training Smart. The guys discuss the pyramid of knowledge and how it applies to training, referring to motivation, experience, and research.

  • musashi-podcast-Episode #51 - Citrulline

    Episode #51: Citrulline

    On Episode 51 of the Musashi Podcast, the team discuss one of the most prevalent and underappreciated supplements for sports performance – Citrulline. The guys discuss the function and benefits of Citrulline for muscle function and performance, when to consume, and what products to find in.