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Nutrition for sport: Basketball
Nutrition for sport: Basketball
Basketball is a fast-paced game which includes short sharp sprints with varying recovery periods. Players must think tactically, have fast reaction times and show technical ball skills including agility, speed, strength and power. Agility allows the player to move quickly around the court in multiple directions when required. Power, speed and strength are vital for sprinting and jumping abilities. The intermittent nature of the game including frequent substitutions, time-outs, breaks between quarters and half time allow players to keep on top of nutritional and hydration requirements. A healthy balanced diet helps to support the needs of an energetic and lean basketball player. Nutrition is often based around lean proteins (chicken, fish or tofu) for muscle repair and carbohydrates (rice, pasta or sweet potato) for fuel. Fruit and vegetables are important for vitamins and minerals and healthy fats (fish, avocado and nuts) are key for transporting nutrients around the body. An easy to digest meal high in carbohydrates (bread, pasta or cereal) and low in fat should be eaten 2-4 hours before the start of a game. Followed by a top up snack eaten 60-minutes prior to the start time (Musashi Pre-Workout bar or piece of fruit). A good hydration strategy is also crucial, sports drinks such as Musashi Electrolytes (launching March 2020) will help to ensure a player starts a game fully hydrated. Replenishing energy requirements and hydrating throughout the game is also important. Suitable snacks and fluid before, during and after include: Before Musashi Pre-Workout Bar/Powder or a piece of fruit During Musashi Electrolyte Hydration (launching March 2020) After Musashi 100% Whey mixed with water Hydration Dehydration can negatively impact performance, particularly shooting accuracy, speed and concentration. Players are encouraged to maintain hydration by sipping Musashi Electrolytes (launching March 2020) before, during and after a game. Post game recovery Post-game recovery starts as soon as a player walks off the court. Recovery snacks consumed within 30-minutes should be high in protein to trigger muscle recovery e.g. Musashi 100% Whey powder mixed with water. A high carbohydrate meal (sandwich or pasta) should then be eaten within 1-hour of finishing to replenish fuel and energy. Suitable post game recovery snacks (within 30-minutes of finishing)
  • Musashi 100% Whey Protein Powder mixed with water
  • Musashi High Protein bar
Suitable post game recovery meals (within 1-hour of finishing)
  • Chicken, avocado and salad sandwich or wrap
  • Pasta with tuna, cheese and vegetables
  • Stir fry or noodle salad
  • Wholegrain toast topped with peanut butter
Elite basketball players include the following supplements as part of their game day routine:
Before Training During Training Post Training Additional Times
Musashi Pre Workout Bar/Powder Assist in energy production and mental focus Musashi Electrolyte Hydration Replaces essential electrolytes lost during exercise and physical activity Musashi Intra Workout 1 Scoop in 300-400ml water Musashi High Protein Bar OR Musashi 100% Whey Protein Mix 45g (3 scoops) with 300ml water. BETA-ALANINE loading required – see label for details. Night Time Aminos 15g (1 level scoop) with 250-300ml water in a shaker. Drink 1-hour before bed.


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