The Way to Fuel • 30/09/2022
Protein & Nutrition for Sport – Musashi Performance Lab
Protein – there seems to be nothing it can’t do! If you want to lose weight - eat protein, if you want to reduce blood sugar dips – eat protein, build muscle – eat protein, feel fuller for longer – eat protein! Protein is a dietary superstar, and it is important to get the right amount to complement your training needs. The problem is many of us are not getting enough.

How much protein should I have a day?

The current Australian healthy eating guidelines recommend healthy individuals eat between 40-50g per day. This recommendation is considered on the low side for an active person exercising four or more times a week.

How much protein to build muscle, strength or endurance?

Endurance athletes, strength training athletes, power athletes and sport-specific athletes all have protein needs higher than the general, non-exercising population. If you want to be active, maintain muscle and maybe lose weight, then protein is a must. Including proteins such as meat, fish, eggs, beans, tofu, nuts, and wholegrains into your daily diet is highly recommended. The Musashi Sports Performance Lab provides you with the information you need to select the most appropriate meals, snacks and supplements to complement your training needs.

No amount of training will undo a bad diet.

It is important to maximise your results by synchronising training AND nutritional programs. Nutrition programs in the Musashi Performance Lab have been written by Gwen Gothard – Performance Nutritionist, consulting to elite athletes for over 14-years. Gwen has and continues to work with a selection of elite athletes, including Olympic Gold Medallists, International Rugby teams, NRL, AFL, EPL and boxing – to name a few! Gwen is appointed to the Supplement Advisory Board for the Western Bulldogs and has extensive knowledge regarding nutrition and supplements for elite sports performance.

Healthy Supplements & Muscle Building Protein

Supplements are a great inclusion for a healthy diet. Whey protein powders have distinct muscle-building characteristics and anti-inflammatory properties both of which help to convert the protein you consume into lean, active muscle tissue (e.g. Musashi 100% Whey). When starting a new supplement program, it is important that you look at the purpose of the supplement and whether it complements your training needs.

Best pre-workout & recovery for muscle repair guidelines

Timing your protein intake is extremely important, especially as it directly impacts exercise recovery and muscle repair. The Musashi Performance Lab nutritional programs provide examples of how and when to use food and Musashi supplements to fulfil your energy and recovery needs and help you unleash your full potential. Under-fuelling can result in persistent fatigue, difficulty with motivation and increased injury/ illness. Over-fuelling can result in sluggishness, difficulty with motivation and unwanted weight gain. Understanding what to eat and when is extremely important when it comes to achieving your training goals.

The Musashi Performance Lab – Why you need it

The Musashi Performance Lab includes a variety of meal plans, exercise programs and supplement advice for an extensive range of sports. Helping you – as an athlete, to plan what (and when to eat) around your training calendar. The meal plans are also adapted to help you make changes to your diet in and around training. Whether you are focused on pre-season, maintaining fitness during season, or recovering off season. Check out the Musashi Performance Lab to help you match your food to fitness and achieve optimum performance, great recovery, and a strong, lean body for sport.


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