The Way to Fuel • 01/08/2022
Which training program is best for me?

Have you heard your coach talk about performance exercise – strength, power, and balance but not really understood which exercises are involved or where to start? You are not alone! The world of exercise for sports performance can be a minefield. Asking friends and teammates for fitness, nutrition and training advice can be a good place to begin but can lead to confusion and raise more questions, which are often left unanswered. And Internet searches can return misleading statements with little truth or substance behind the claims. What is needed are straightforward answers from trusted professionals in this field. At Musashi we only consult with the best in the business and provide scientifically based advice and solutions. The Musashi Performance Lab has an extensive selection of training programs and nutritional plans written by experts Gwen Gothard – Performance Nutritionist and Coach Tom Baulch – Personal Trainer, both with a wealth of knowledge in the industry. Those starting a new fitness routine or with a training goal often enter the gym with heaps of enthusiasm, motivation, and a thirst for knowledge. This enthusiasm quickly fades if there is no plan or structure in place. It is important to choose a goal and stick with it. For example, if you are training for soccer, download the soccer specific training program along with the meal plan – listed under the Musashi Performance Lab and start to train like a soccer player.

When a combination of exercise and healthy nutrition are coupled together successful body changes happen. Nutrition and exercise are both important parts of gaining muscle and losing fat. Remember muscles only grow in direct proportion to your current training program. If you keep using the same weights and the same number of reps and sets each week, you will not improve your performance or appearance. Training programs are a great way to keep you on track and ensure you are gaining the best possible results for you. These programs are designed to act as the foundation for an athlete’s strength and conditioning training. They should be followed to improve training and game-day exercise. The recommended sets and reps may also be adjusted once an athlete becomes accustomed to these programs, to ensure long-term performance progression. Try not to get caught up on which exercise works which muscle, but look at the overall training program and how it will improve your performance. To excel in your chosen sport, it is important training is varied and tailored to specific individual or team needs. Sign up to the Musashi Performance Lab today for FREE – to receive all the information you need to excel in your sport!


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