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Your Gameday Essential Sport Supplements
Gameday Essential Sport Supplements from Musashi

A key priority of an athlete is to establish a well thought out training diet that easily adapts to gameday needs.

It is not wise to experiment with new supplements or dietary practices in the days leading up to a game or competition.

Gameday nutritional strategies should be applied and refined during training or practice games, not on the most important day of the season.

What is the best pre workout supplements for me?

Nutrition strategies and supplement protocols are individualised for team players.  Players may schedule a banana or sandwich in the lead up to a game whilst other athletes prefer Musashi 100% Whey as they struggle to eat solid foods at that time.

Many athletes opt for a pre workout to give them the energy and focus ahead of the game, whereas others might like a serve of pre workout during half time. Whatever the preference, it is important to know what works for you.

What are the most popular Musashi supplements on gameday?

The most popular Musashi supplements used by teams on game days are as follows:

Musashi Pre-Workout contains a unique blend of ingredients designed to boost energy and support athletic performance.

This delicious blend is scientifically formulated and works by saturating the muscles with important nutrients ahead of a workout to reduce the chance of premature fatigue.

For best results consume one serve 20-minutes before the game or at half-time to get you through to the end.

For those playing away games Musashi Energy Drink can work just as well, it is convenient and easy to consume, with no preparation required.

What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes refer to four minerals lost through sweat.

  1. Potassium,
  2. Magnesium,
  3. Sodium, and
  4. Calcium.

Sports drinks containing electrolytes promote rehydration during exercise and simultaneously deliver an additional source of fuel to the muscle and brain.

How do Musashi Electrolytes help?

The amount of fluid lost via sweat is completely individual.  Thirst alone is not a good indicator of hydration status, you will often only become thirsty after it is too late to prevent a decline in performance.

Dehydration causes fatigue, weakened muscle endurance and impaired mental function.

Even with regular water intake, it can be difficult to maintain fluid balance during exercise.

To minimise dehydration, keep on top of fluid intake in the days leading up to game day.

Sipping Musashi Electrolytes before, during and after training helps to:-

  • Maintain hydration,
  • Regulate body temperature, and
  • Assist muscle contraction.

What is the best Post-Game recovery supplement?

Post-game recovery starts as soon as the final whistle blows. Recovery snacks consumed within 30-minutes – such as Musashi 100% Whey will help trigger muscle recovery and start to prepare the body for the next workout.

High-carbohydrate meals should be consumed within 1-hour to replenish fuel and energy.  The emphasis on recovery nutrition is extremely important and practiced on both training and competition days.

Whatever your game day strategy, be confident it is effective.  Don’t second guess yourself and adapt your regular practice on game day.

Stick with your tried and tested diet and supplement program to support your game day needs.

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