The Way to Recover • 24/03/2020
Boost the body’s natural immune system
Boost the body’s natural immune system
There is not one particular food or magic pill that will fight off a cold or flu, but there are certain nutrients which can help protect the body from billions of bacteria, viruses and other germs. We are surrounded by foreign substances such as airborne dust, pollen and food and by organisms such as bacteria and viruses, some of which enter the body and cause us harm. The natural immune system refers to a group of cells which are involved in the first line of defense against various foreign substances, including viruses. The immune system is made up of organs, cells and protein which work together to fight off infections which enter the body. The immune system is constantly adapting and improving to fight against bacteria and viruses that change over time. Protein is one of the most powerful nutrients and is extremely important for enhancing immunity. Protein forms the cells that operate the immune system and if you are someone who gets sick regularly, the source of the problem could be an inadequate diet. Foods naturally high in protein such as meat, beans, soy and fish also contain other immune-boosting ingredients such as zinc and magnesium. Zinc helps the production of infection-fighting white blood cells and magnesium supports muscle growth and a healthy immune system. A study published in the International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition, found that children with asthma supplementing with 10g of whey protein twice daily for one month improved their immune response. Whey protein powders such as Musashi High Protein Powder and Musashi 100% Whey also contain high levels of glutamine. Glutamine supports the immune system in times of physical exertion and strenuous exercise, allowing you to maintain your training frequency and intensity. Despite popular belief, there is little evidence to support the use of high doses of Vitamin C will prevent the onset of a common cold. But, research does suggest that Vitamin C may reduce the duration of cold symptoms. Try boosting your intake of foods high in Vitamin C – fresh fruit and vegetables, at the first sign of a cold. Your immune system can be compromised by a range of factors, including physical stress, injury, inflammation, temperature, pollution and nutrition. Whey protein powders including Musashi 100% Whey, Musashi High Protein and Musashi Bulk Protein are a great way to boost the natural immune system daily, helping the body to fight infections and remain healthy. By Gwen Gothard


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