What are the different ways to earn points with MU Rewards?
  • Earn 10 points for every $1 spent.
  • Write a review of Musashi (50 points).
  • Complete a brand survey (50 Points).
  • Follow Musashi on TikTok (50 points).
  • Review your recent purchase (50 points).
  • Follow Musashi on Instagram (50 points).
  • Add a photo or video to your Musashi review (100 points).
How many points do you earn for every $1 spent with MU?

10 points are earned for every $1 spent.

At checkout, how many points can you redeem, and what is the equivalent discount in dollars?

Redemption options include coupons at various point thresholds:

2500 points = AU$5 off coupon
5000 points = AU$10 off coupon
7500 points = AU$15 off coupon
10000 points = AU$20 off coupon
15000 points = AU$30 off coupon

How do I redeem my points?

To redeem your points, ensure you have accumulated enough points and are logged in during the checkout process. The simplest method is to redeem directly from the checkout page. Alternatively, you can navigate to the rewards section in your profile, scroll to the bottom, and click on the highlighted items available for redemption. A code will be generated, which you can either copy into the checkout or save as unused rewards for future use if you don't complete the checkout immediately

Can you combine the redemption of points with other discounts, promotions, or offers?

You may combine point redemption with other discounts, promotions, or offers.

Are MU Rewards points redeemable for cash or transferable to friends or family?

MU Rewards points are not redeemable for cash or transferable to friends or family.

What is the expiration date for MU Rewards points?

There is a 12-month expiration date for Musashi United Rewards points.

What are the four tiers within MU Rewards, and how is tier status determined?

The four tiers within Musashi United rewards are as follows:

Rookie - 0 points
Pro - 3000 points
Star - 6000 points
MVP - 10, 000 points

When was Musashi United Rewards created and launched?

Musashi United Rewards was created and launched with the website refresh on 30th of October 2023 10 AM AEDT.

How long does it take for tier access to kick in after reaching the spend amount for each tier?

Time for tier access to activate after reaching point threshold may take up to 24 hours to activate.

Do purchases made prior to the launch date of MU Rewards count towards the rewards program?

Purchases made before the launch of Musashi United Rewards DO NOT count towards the rewards program.

What are the spending thresholds for each tier, and how often do you need to re-spend to remain in the tier?

Thresholds for tiers are based on points, not necessarily spending dollar amounts. If it was just on spending, you can assume the below:

Rookie $0
Pro $300
Star $600
MVP $1000
Tier statuses are on a 12-month rolling period.

What are the benefits of Star and MVP status, and how do they differ in terms of free shipping?

Both Star and MVP status will get free shipping over $99 however only MVPs will get access to exclusive events.

How does the MU Refer a Friend program work, and what benefits do both the referrer and the referred friend receive?

The Referral program offers a 30% discount for both the referrer and the referred friend.

Can MU make changes or updates to the MU Rewards Terms & Conditions, and what rights do they reserve in this regard?

MU reserves the rights to make changes or updates to the terms and conditions of MU Rewards at any given time.

What’s the Performance Lab?

The Performance Lab is an information hub that provides exclusive access to sport-specific training and nutrition programs within Musashi United.