How can I address product or delivery complaints, replacement or return requests, or other claims?

Please email all such concerns to customerservice@vitaco.com.au.

How are returns processed, and what is the timeline for refunds

Returns are subject to investigation and, if authorised, should be returned undamaged as soon as possible. Refunds are processed within 7 working days of canceled order receipt, at the latest within 30 days, to the original payment method.

How can I make general inquiries regarding my purchase?

For general inquiries, you can call us at:
Australia: 1300 360 077
New Zealand: 0800 268 87

Can I get a refund or replacement if I change my mind about a purchase?

We're not obliged to give a refund or replacement if you change your mind about a purchase - so please choose your items carefully.

What are my Consumer rights?

If you are purchasing in AU and NZ, we strive to comply with all provisions of the Australian Consumer Law and as required by the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (NZ).

Any unintentional deviations will be rectified promptly upon notice.

What information may be requested for product or order claims?

We may request:

  • Order number
  • Best customer contact details
  • Product details (name, size)
  • Batch number
  • Expiry date
  • Issue/complaint description
  • Photo of stock

Failure to provide necessary information may hinder the processing of your claim.

When should I report product claims or replacement/refund requests?

All claims must be reported within a reasonable time following delivery. Include the relevant order or invoice number for efficient processing.

Are there restrictions on returning products close to their expiration date?

Products with a specified expiration date dispatched at least 14 days prior will not be accepted for credit or exchange due to short dating.