Team name: Western Bulldogs


Top sporting achievements

• 1954 Premiership
• 2016 Premiership
• 2018 AFLW Premiership

What are you hoping to achieve?

Sustained success as a club

Your 3 favourite Musashi product/s:

• Musashi Bulk Protein Powder
• Musashi 100% Whey
• Creatine Monohydrate

Please provide two training tips:

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Tell us something we don’t know about your team?
2019 marks 30 years since the ‘Fight Back Rally’.
In 8th October, 1989. No game was played, but the ramifications of the event had far greater significance.
The ‘Save the Dogs’ Committee organized a rally to raise funds for the embattled Bulldogs to help stave off the VFL imposed merger with Fitzroy.
Some 10,000 fans turned out with $450,000 raised to kick-start the ‘Fight Back’ campaign.