Musashi Performance LAb

Off season MMA Nutrition program

Goal: Sport Specific Strength

Overview: The MMA Nutrition Plan is designed to support the 3-day, compound structure of the MMA Training Program. Follow the direction and supplementation of this comprehensive plan to improve athletic and dietary nutrition.

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  • Pre-Workout 7:00 AM Pre-training

    Musashi Pre Workout (9g) mixed with 250ml water


    Musashi Intra Workout (14.5g) mixed with 500ml water

    Post-training (Recovery)

    Musashi Bulk Protein Powder (60g) mixed with 300ml water

  • Meal one 8:00 AM Overnight Oats
    • Rolled oats (¼ cup)
    • Greek yogurt (¼ cup)
    • Mixed berries
    • Milk of choice (½ cup)

    Mix together and leave in fridge overnight. Serve cold.

  • Meal two 10:30 AM Musashi Wafer Bar

    Musashi Wafer Bar (40g) and a glass of water.

  • Meal three 12:30 PM Chicken Wrap

    Chicken (150g) in whole grain or mixed grain wrap and salad (spinach leaves and salad toppings of your choice) and low-fat hummus.

  • Meal four 3:30 PM Greek Yoghurt

    Greek Yoghurt (200g) with a teaspoon of cinnamon, scoop of Musashi 100% Whey protein (15g) and a handful of berries.

  • Meal 5 6:30 PM Lamb Cutlets

    x4 Lamb Cutlets - fat trimmed and pan fried (spray oil), steamed
    basmati rice (2 cups) with a
    large portion mixed steamed vegetable (2 cups).

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