To achieve muscle growth an athlete needs to take in more protein than they break down on a daily basis. During heavy-weight training sessions, your muscles are forced into protein breakdown.  Protein is needed by the body to repair damage caused during exercise (recovery) and the building of new tissue in the response to training stimulus (build muscle). Muscle growth relies on adequate protein being available.

Protein & Amino Acids for health

When you eat foods that contain protein, the digestive juices break down the protein in food to basic units, called amino acids. The amino acids can then be reused to make the protein your body needs to maintain muscle, bones, blood and body organs. For example, your body uses protein to make haemoglobin – the part of red blood cells which carry oxygen to every part of the body.

Other proteins are used to build the cardiac muscle (heart), while protein also creates the structural framework for hormones – which in turn help build muscle. Whether you are strength training, running or sitting still protein plays a vital role for health.

Endurance athletes require extra protein to cover the energy cost of their training, it is also required for repair and recovery caused to muscles after exercise.

Strength athletes require additional protein to increase muscle size and strength in response to resistance training and overload. Negative energy balance (insufficient food to maintain health) and inadequate carbohydrate intake can also increase protein needs.

Why are protein supplements recommended?

There is a larger requirement for protein during the early stages of a new exercise program or a new level of exercise stress; for example, a change in the type, volume and intensity of training.

When the body adapts to these extra stress levels, protein requirements need to be re-evaluated. Supplementation provides a practical and convenient way to consume protein, especially when everyday foods are not available or tolerated post-training.

Musashi 100% Whey Protein Powder Chocolate 900g

Whey protein has a variety of benefits and should be included as part of your daily diet. Consuming Musashi 100% Whey within 30-minutes of finishing and also on rest days will enhance muscle recovery, improve strength and build muscle.

Although some amino acids can be recycled from the breakdown of old body proteins, this process is imperfect. This means we must eat protein daily to keep up with our body’s amino acid demand.