Revolutionising Athletic Performance with Low-Sugar Carbohydrates

SusCarb™ represents a cutting-edge advancement in carbohydrate supplementation, meticulously formulated to cater to the unique demands of athletes. Unlike traditional carbohydrate sources, SusCarb™ has a low-sugar profile, offering multiple benefits to athletes striving for peak performance.

  1. Why consume SusCarb™?

    SusCarb™ offers a low-sugar energy option, specifically tailored for sports and endurance activities. Incorporated into Musashi Sport Hydration Electrolyte Water, it caters to the requirements of everyday athletes, aiming to optimize their performance from start to finish.

    Uses of SusCarb™

    • Low Sugar Energy Source

    • Glycogen Replenishment

    • Exercise Recovery

  1. SusCarb™ vs other Carbohydrates

    Wholefood carbs, such as oats, wholegrain bread, and lentils, are able to provide sustained energy, but this is due to the slow digestion of these carbohydrates. SusCarb™ has a short gastric emptying time, meaning it is quickly digested and doesn’t create a significant feeling of fullness in the gut.

  1. Carbohydrates for Recovery

    Throughout physical activity, the glycogen reserves within the body are depleted to produce immediate energy. Prompt consumption of carbohydrates following exercise serves to restore these reserves, thereby supporting overall recovery.

    Insufficient intake of carbohydrates may catalyse muscle breakdown for energy production, a phenomenon typically undesirable among athletes.

    SusCarb™ is a trade mark of ZymeBase Inc.


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