podcasts • 13/03/2020
#0 - Musashi R & D - Who are we?
Welcome to Musashi R&D Sessions, the sports, training and nutrition podcast hosted by the Musashi Team: Ross and Dhiren, and produced by Hal the Intern. These podcasts will be released every fortnight to cover the latest news in sports, as well as keeping up to date with the various topics and questions in the training and nutrition space. In addition to sports science, we also plan on dissecting the philosophy of Miyamoto Musashi, the Japanese warrior-turned-philosopher whose teachings inspired the brand name. In Episode 0, we introduce Dhiren Dunraj, Musashi’s product innovation manager, a medicinal chemist and elite powerlifter. We also get to meet Ross Webb, Musashi’s brand and partnership manager, who has a background in strength and conditioning, and exercise science. Each week, the guys will tackle a different topic relating to sports, training and nutrition, and apply the philosophy of Miyamoto Musashi to this topic. If you have any questions or topic suggestions, be sure to email them to team@musashi.com.


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  • musashi-podcast-Episode #51 - Citrulline

    Episode #51 - Citrulline

    On Episode 51 of the Musashi Podcast, the team discuss one of the most prevalent and underappreciated supplements for sports performance – Citrulline. The guys discuss the function and benefits of Citrulline for muscle function and performance, when to consume, and what products to find in.

  • musashi-podcast-ep50-beta-alanine

    Episode #50 - Beta Alanine

    On Episode 50 of the Musashi Podcast, the team discuss one of the most underrated and impactful supplements for sports performance – Beta Alanine. The guys discuss the function and benefits of Beta Alanine for energy and muscle function, when to consume, and some quirky side effects.

  • Musashi podcast CARNITINE for Sport and Metabolism

    Episode #49 - CARNITINE for Sport and Metabolism

    On Episode 49 of the Musashi R&D Sessions Podcast, the team dive into one of the most prominent supplements and ingredients in sports nutrition – Carnitine. The guys discuss the function and benefits of carnitine for fat metabolism and sports performance, when is the best time to consume, and which products contain this key nutrient.