The Way to Recover • 21/01/2021
How do I reduce muscle soreness?
How do I reduce muscle soreness?
Recovery after exercise is vital for athletes. Muscle soreness and muscle fatigue after training can indicate that the muscles are rebuilding and strengthening. Good recovery relates to how the body replenishes energy stores and recovers the muscle and tissue damage caused by exercise. Regardless of your fitness level, physical activity or exercise intensity, a well-thought-out recovery regime is essential. However, your regime does not need to be over complicated or take too long. The consumption of high-quality protein within 30-60 minutes after training will help to offset the breakdown of lean muscle mass. The quality of protein can be determined by its digestibility and the type and amount of amino acids it provides. Whey protein is a protein found in milk. It is unique because it contains a higher amount of specific amino acids. Whey has a variety of benefits including gains in lean body mass, improved recovery and a reduction in muscle soreness post-exercise.
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Musashi sports nutrition supplements have been developed to provide the required nutrients in the correct ratios to put you on the right path to recovery. Musashi 100% Whey is a convenient, great tasting, high quality protein supplement intended for daily use. It is a fast digesting protein naturally rich in EAAs (Essential Amino Acids) – which assist with the reduction of muscle tissue breakdown and muscle soreness. This helps to accelerate recovery after exercise. The biggest advantage of a protein shake is the convenience. Most of us just don’t have the time to buy, prepare, cook and consume whole foods, particularly following sport and exercise. Good intentions are all well and good but you need simplicity that will deliver. A successful exercise session is one that is stress free and achievable. Musashi 100% Whey provides amino acids essential for optimal muscle rebuilding helping athletes to achieve muscle and strength gains. During the 24-hours post-training period your muscles will continue to break-down and re-build. It is particularly important that you continue to re-fuel your muscles with appropriate amounts of protein during this time. Research indicates that consuming approximately 20g of protein 5-6 times a day will enhance protein recovery. We suggest that Musashi 100% Whey is consumed on both training and non-training days to support daily tissue maintenance, muscle growth and a reduction in muscle soreness post-training. Cooke M et al (2010) Whey protein isolate attenuates strength decline after eccentrically-induced muscle damage in healthy individuals Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition More D et al (2012) Daytime pattern of post-exercise protein intake affects whole-body protein turnover in resistance training males. Nutrition and Metabolism 9:91


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