The Way to Shred • 31/05/2023
What Are Thermogenic Supplements?
What Are Thermogenic Supplements?
Thermogenesis is the natural process of generating energy and heat in the body, increasing an individual’s basal metabolic rate (BMR) – number of calories the body burns at rest. The rise in the body’s BMR is often referred to as thermogenic effect. Simply put, by increasing thermogenesis, you are increasing your metabolism and helping your body burn more calories. Thermogenesis is activated in response to exercise, food intake, and exposure to cold and hot temperatures. Thermogenesis is also naturally increased by consuming foods that contain fat-burning ingredients, such as: spicy foods, caffeine, protein, and ice-cold water.
  • Spicy foods including chilli peppers containing capsaicin, help to stimulate the release of hormones which can trigger thermogenesis in your body.
  • Tea and coffee contain caffeine, which is a natural stimulant which speeds up the metabolism and increases thermogenesis.
  • Protein leads to greater insulin sensitivity and increases satiety which assists fat loss.
  • Cold or ice water triggers thermogenesis. The body works hard to increase the temperature of the cold drink for digestion and in the process burns more calories.
  • Thermogenic sports supplements increase the core temperature and in turn encourages the body to burn fat. Musashi Shred Matrix is a unique formula that contains a blend of carnitine, choline, inositol, and green tea extract to help boost metabolism, increase fat burning and suppress appetite.
Everyone's weight-loss journey is unique. The key factor for success is that consistent exercise and a well thought out diet will have a major impact on results. When both diet and exercise are in place, a thermogenic supplement can help accelerate fat burning and achieve weight loss goals faster. Musashi Shred Matrix has an exceptional blend of ingredients; carnitine, chromium & riboflavin are included to assist metabolism of carbohydrates and sugar. Riboflavin also helps to convert food into energy. Musashi Shred Matrix contains caffeine – a stimulant which acts on the central nervous system. For the best results consume Musashi Shred Matrix 20-minutes before training to enhance alertness and performance. A second serve should then be taken either as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack to continue fat burning results throughout the day. Thermogenic supplements help to promote lean muscle growth and recovery, when combined with a nutritious diet and structured resistance training program.
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