The Way to Fuel • 31/03/2023
Creatine vs Pre-Workout
Should Musashi Creatine and Musashi Pre-Workout be taken together or separately? There should be no comparison between taking creatine or pre-workout. Both have a place in the training diet and are equally as important for results. In fact, they are often used in conjunction with each other to achieve the best results possible. The results from Musashi Pre-workout speak for themselves. Time and time again Musashi Pre-workout help athletes battle fatigue and work harder for longer. This proven formula contains, citrulline, beta-alanine, caffeine, creatine, and amino acids – all proven to supercharge any workout or tough training session without an energy crash at the end. It is ‘Informed-Sports Certified’ – which means it has been batch tested and free from banned substances. It is safe for professional athletes to use and is an approved supplement in sports with an Anti-Doping program. Creatine has a strong reputation among athletes, they report improved physical results and also an improved ‘look’ as a result of increased muscle tissue. There are hundreds of studies showing improvements in strength, power, muscle size, fatigue resistance, and overall body composition when creatine supplementation is used. Recent studies show that the results extend well-beyond muscle building and have been linked with energy and cell production, anti-aging, and memory support. For many athletes, the most important question nowadays is ‘when should I take creatine?’ rather than ‘should I take creatine?’ With such a scientifically researched supplement, you would think that there must be a clear answer. There is no ‘best time’ to take creatine and it ultimately comes down to preference and personal routine. Before a workout – many athletes like to take creatine before. Topping up creatine stores results in more APT (Adenosine Triphosphate) which means more muscle power. After a workout – tops up depleted creatine stores in muscles. Adding creatine to a post-recovery protein shake works best for some as it helps to achieve all in one recovery. Any time of day – is also very popular, because if you are supplementing and ‘topping up’ creatine in the body you will definitely see the benefits. Gwen Gothard – Sports Performance Nutritionist suggests that if you are taking a pre workout that already contains creatine then taking it either after a workout or another time of day might work better for you. This can help you to spread your creatine intake throughout the day. Gwen suggests taking one serve of Musashi Pre workout 20-min before training and 5g of Musashi Creatine mixed with one serve of Musashi Bulk post-training. By using both Musashi Creatine and Musashi Pre Workout on training days, you can ultimately increase your power in the gym, push your workouts to the max and give you the capacity to achieve ‘one more rep’ to stimulate muscle growth.


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