The Way to Recover • 25/05/2021
How to speed up Muscle Recovery?
How to speed up Muscle Recovery?
Post-exercise recovery can be a challenge for many athletes. A number of factors can interfere with recovery strategies in both training and competition phases. These include fatigue, loss of appetite, poor access to food and post-exercise commitments. A planned approach is important to ensure your recovery needs are taken care of. It is no secret that protein is essential for muscle recovery. Foods including yogurts, fruit, nuts, eggs or fish are recommended for post-training snacks and meals. However, whole foods are not always practical in training situations and storage and food preparation can be a real issue. Therefore, make sure muscle recovery is improved by including sports supplements as part of your daily routine. Building muscle involves the process of pushing your body harder each training session, whether it is to lift heavier or run faster. Training naturally tears muscle fibres and protein rebuilds them. Each time protein is consumed there is a small spike in muscle synthesis (muscle building). During the 24-hour post-training period your muscles will continue the process of breaking down and rebuilding. If your diet does not contain sufficient amounts of protein, your body will start to digest and breakdown muscle. It is important you continue to re-fuel your muscles with appropriate amounts of protein each day. Research has found that consuming approximately 20-25g per serve of protein 5-6 times a day will enhance protein recovery . For individuals with larger muscle mass performing strength-based training e.g. bodybuilders, a higher intake of 25-30g protein per serve 5-6 times a day is beneficial.
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