It is important to take a target-driven approach when selecting the best supplements for your diet. Decide on your personal goal i.e. fat loss, muscle gain or athletic performance and then determine which supplements can help you achieve it. We have selected a few of our favourite based on the essential times to utilise sports supplements, which never fail to deliver!

Before a workout

Musashi Pre Workout is a unique blend that will help you make the most of your gym session. High intensity exercise can lead to acid accumulation inside working muscles resulting in ‘muscle burn’ which can contribute to the onset of fatigue. Ingredients include Beta-Alanine, along with creatine, these boost explosive muscle strength and power as well as increase anaerobic endurance, thus allowing an athlete to train harder for longer. Caffeine and tyrosine have been added to help athletes sustain exercise intensity along with improving concentration, focus, reaction time and tactical decision making. The amino acids citrulline, arginine and ornithine help promote maximum blood follow to the working muscles. Consumed 30-min before you step into the gym, this is an all-round must have supplement, which you can always rely on.

During a workout

Your training schedule, duration and volume will determine if you require additional fuel during your gym session or not. Depleted dieters, for example those preparing for physique competitions, may benefit from extra fuel. In this scenario, athletes run the risk of muscle loss due to extensive diets and high intensity training. Also athletes who take part in long training sessions (over 90 minutes) or extremely demanding workouts will require additional fuel during training. Musashi Intra Workout is designed for use during training and will help blood flow, prevent muscle tissue break down and enhance the recovery process. The essential amino acid formula contains a large dose of branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) for recovery, B Vitamins to assist with energy, magnesium for muscular contraction and citrulline and ornithine to help delay fatigue. Musashi Intra Workout is designed to be sipped throughout your gym session and will help to take your training and results to the next level.
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After a workout

To build muscle, boost performance and make the most out of your hard work in the gym Musashi 100% Whey Protein powder is essential for results. Protein is considered a key nutrient for sporting success by athletes in all sports. Ancient Olympians were reported to eat unusually large amounts of meat, whereas for convenience today’s athletes consume a vast array of protein and amino acid supplements to naturally increase their daily protein and energy requirements. Whey protein has a variety of benefits before and after training and can be incorporated into an athlete’s diet in many ways. Consuming one serve of Musashi 100% Whey Protein 1-hour before you enter the gym and within 30-minutes of finishing your session is advised to enhance muscle recovery and muscle building. This is an extremely versatile supplement and can be used as a standard protein shake – mixed with water or milk or by simply adding to food to increase the overall protein content of a meal. For example, add a scoop of Musashi 100% Whey to your breakfast oats, pot of yogurt, smoothie or home baked goods (e.g. muffins or cookies) to enhance protein intake. Along with whey protein, Creatine is one of the most studied and beneficial supplements for muscle growth, the production of ATP and cell volumisation. Musashi Creatine offers several performance benefits. It can produce small but immediate effects on maximum strength and power. This allows athletes to perform more high-intensity work in competition and training, resulting in improved performance and an enhanced training effect. Musashi Creatine helps you to increase your power in the gym, push your workouts to the max and gives you the capacity to achieve ‘one more rep’ to stimulate muscle growth. A daily dose of 3-5 grams per day is advised for best results. The uptake of creatine within the muscle is best when creatine is consumed in combination with protein and carbohydrate and can be consumed as part of a pre or post-workout snack. We have advised professional athletes over many years and have seen their competition results improve by careful supplement selection. By introducing only high-quality ingredients to their diet they have targeted success. For more information on the best gym supplements, check out Musashi Podcast R & D Sessions.


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